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Plastics Are Revolutionizing Cargo Trailer Design

Cargo trailers are used to haul everything from tools and lumber to livestock and horses, depending on the trailer’s design. To do their job well, trailers must be rugged, durable and water resistant. Plastic products allow trailer designers and manufacturers to deliver better products to their customers with improved warranties and greater durability. Here is a closer look at some of the ways plastics are revolutionizing cargo trailer design.

The Elimination of Wood Floors

Wood floors for many decades were the go-to option for trailers. However, wood, no matter how strong it is, eventually breaks down. Even treated wood will eventually decompose.

When used as a trailer floor, plastics create a durable, long-lasting surface that will not rust, rot or corrode. This allows manufacturers to warranty their products longer, making their products more appealing to the customer.

Weight Reduction

Pulling a trailer reduces the fuel efficiency of any vehicle. The heavier the trailer and the load it carries, the more fuel it takes to pull it. Plastic is much lighter than metal, allowing manufacturers to significantly reduce the weight of the products they design. This gives them a better-finished product that is more appealing to their customers.

Improved Aesthetics

Aluminum, because of its lighter weight and ease of use, is often used for the walls of trailers, but it has one aesthetics problem, oil canning. Exposure to hot and cold over time causes aluminum sheeting to expand, leaving a wavy pattern in the side of the trailer. If the trailer has graphics advertising a company, this can detract from the Graphics.

Piedmont’s PolyCor AP is often used in trailer design and offers the same benefit of traditional aluminum without the oil canning. It comes in a smooth surface with a protective film that can easily receive printing or be painted in any desired color. The result is a trailer that is more aesthetically appealing with strong walls that will not oil can.

Improved Ceiling Design

Plastics have improved trailers from top to bottom, and ceiling design is yet another benefit. Traditionally, fiber-based materials were used for trailer ceilings, but these materials are permanently damaged if exposed to water at any point. Piedmont offers Poly-Cor™ HL headliner material that replaces fiber materials with a Transportation Grade plastic material. This is the first water-resistant trailer ceiling option offered commercially.

At Piedmont Plastics, our goal is to help you make a better trailer. We supply materials that give you the ability to warranty your ceilings, walls, and floors. In trailer design, the benefits of plastics are evident, they can change the industry for the better. Reach out to your Piedmont Plastics sales professional today to learn more about plastics in trailer design.