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Light / Medium Duty Trailers

Light / Medium Duty Trailers

Building quality trailers requires quality materials. Piedmont Plastics understands quality materials and has been offering the highest quality products since 1968. Piedmont recognizes the need for reliable and economical solutions for trailer manufacturers and has introduced products specifically designed for use in critical trailer applications replacing traditional, less reliable materials.

Aluminum sheeting has been commonly used in trailer manufacturing as wall panel material for years but isn’t without its flaws. Extreme heat and cold will cause aluminum sheeting to warp leading to unsightly bows or dents in the trailer walls (called oil-canning). Piedmont Plastics offers a special material called AluPOLY® Aluminum Composite Material which eliminates this issue completely and is an excellent alternative to standard aluminum sheeting for use in both ceiling and wall panels for trailers. Bonding two sheets of aluminum skin to a polyethylene core gives AluPOLY® the same finished look as painted aluminum sheeting but with added stability preventing warping from extreme temperatures as well as increasing impact resistance against potential dents or punctures. AluPOLY® is an excellent alternative to aluminum sheeting in all applications where warping, or potential impacts are of concern.

One of the most important applications of building trailers is the headliner designed to help keep moisture from leaking through the roof of the trailer. Traditional headliner materials have historically been either a fiber-based product such as coated cardboard, or a vinyl coated plywood material. These traditional products are not truly water proof and in some cases the product may be totally ruined once wet. As an alternative, Piedmont is proud to offer the first truly water-resistant plastic headliner material designed specifically for trailer manufacturing. Utilizing corrugated polypropylene, Piedmont’s specialty vehicle headliner’s fluted ribs support both surfaces making it more durable than corrugated fiberboard, lighter in weight than wood and solid PVC sheets with the added benefits of being water and chemical resistant.

Piedmont stocks a host of additional products that can be used in many other trailer manufacturing applications to bring your trailers into the 21st century. Give us a call and see how we can help you get ahead of your competition with the high quality reliable materials customers have come to expect from Piedmont Plastics.

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