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4 Advantages Of Using Plastic Signage

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When choosing a material for your sign, you have four basic options. Wood, metal, and plastic can all be effective options for outdoor signs, and indoor signs and posters sometimes get printed on paper. Of these options, plastic has the most benefits.

Here are four distinct reasons why plastic is the top choice for signage.

1. More Cost-Effective Signage Options

One of the main reasons to consider plastic for your signage choice is its affordability. Plastic is usually cheaper than wood, metal, and glass and lasts longer. Therefore, you have the same look as these other materials, with less cost both at the beginning and in the long term.

What makes plastic signage more cost-effective than other materials like metal or glass?

Plastic is a more cost-effective signage option for two reasons. First, it is cheaper to manufacture than glass and treated wood. Second, it lasts longer, meaning less repair or replacement cost.

2. Greater Customization Options

Another reason to use plastic for your signage is the greater customization options. You can experiment with color, lighting, texture, shape, and more with plastics. In addition, if you can imagine a sign design, you can make it with plastic.

Customization Options for Plastic Signage

At Piedmont Plastics, we have a wide range of customization options for our customers because of the various products available. Consider these:

  • LED Lighted Signs: LED lighting is cost-effective, bright, and eye-catching. You can add it behind acrylic signage to light up channel letters, or you can use it to add lighted edges to your signage and draw additional attention after dark.
  • Acrylic Sign Faces: Acrylic sign faces come from almost any color imaginable, with opaque and translucent options available. This allows you to create graphics, printed lettering, and more on your signage.
  • Channel Letters: Channel liters include rustproof aluminum coils with PVC masks for a bold statement. These letters don’t fade and can stand up well under most weather conditions, providing an excellent sign option.
  • Adhesive Film Signage: Adhesive films can have graphics printed on them. You can stick them to just about any surface for a bright, eye-catching display.

3. Ability to Mimic Other Materials

Do you want the look of a rustic wood sign but wish to avoid the peeling and splintering that is inevitable with wood? The answer is to mimic that look with plastic. With plastics, you can mimic the look of most common sign materials, including metal, wood, and glass, but with more durability. In addition, plastic signage is often brighter and more attractive than other materials, even while providing a similar look.

Creating Visually Appealing Plastic Signage

Many plastic materials can look like other materials. For example, plastic signs can be manufactured to have a wood texture appearance, while many plastic sheeting or film types can look like paper. Acrylic can look as transparent as glass, while aluminum polymers can mirror metal. Because these materials feature plastic, they will hold up better than the materials they mimic, giving them greater visual appeal for longer. The team at Piedmont Plastics can help you determent the best material to match the look you want in your sign.

4. Greater Durability

Finally, plastic signage has greater durability than other materials. It won’t rust, rarely warps and doesn’t tear or peel the way wood and paper signs will. Signs will need occasional repair and maintenance, regardless of the material. However, with the proper care, you should get many years of effective use out of a plastic sign.

Maintaining and Repairing Plastic Signage

Have a regular inspection schedule to keep your plastic signage in good repair. When you do, ensure it is adequately lit and has no signs of damage, including paint discoloration, peeling, and cracking of vinyl decals. If you notice these issues, take care of them before they worsen.

Remember that even though plastic won’t rust, the metal that holds your sign together could. Clean your signage regularly to protect it from damage and to keep it looking its best for customers. Prevent rust around the mounting device or any screws holding the sign. Opt for rustproof screws, or replace the screws regularly to avoid damage from rust running onto your character.

If your sign is painted, occasionally touch up the paint with exterior-grade paint. If you notice cracks and damage, repair them as soon as you see them. Also, keep the trees nearby trimmed to protect your sign from damage.

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Your sign is important to your overall branding, so keep it in good repair. Choose plastic for a durable option, and you will have a sign that continues to deliver your message for years. Shop now!