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Plastic Poised To Change Outdoor Furniture Industry In 2019

Outdoor kitchens and outdoor furnishings come in many different styles, but one thing is the same – these products need to be weather and UV resistant, as they are in constant exposure to the elements. As designers are creating new, innovative designs for 2019, one material is at the heart of it all – plastic. Plastics are creating a name for themselves in the outdoor furnishings marketplace, providing the weather-resistance and durability necessary to make quality outdoor furnishings. Here’s a closer look at the changes coming to the outdoor furniture market because of plastics.

Greater Number of Textures and Colors

The variety of textures and colors available with today’s plastics cannot be matched with other materials. Specifically, high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, comes in just about any color in the rainbow, with both opaque and solid options out there. This means that those who are making outdoor furniture designs can make them match any vision they have, all while enjoying the other benefits of plastics.

Easily Milled Into the Desired Shape

One of the reasons that outdoor furniture is increasingly being made from plastic is because it is easily molded into any shape imaginable. Whether crafting cupboards for an outdoor kitchen or sculpting a chair for an outdoor patio set, plastics can be thermoformed into the exact shape and design need for the finished project, and with less effort than many other material types. Because of this, when using plastic designers can create just about anything they can imagine.

Impact, Scratch, and Weather Resistant Material

Another reason that plastic is growing as a material for outdoor furniture is because of the durability of modern plastics, and HDPE sheet in particular. This material resists damage from impacts and scratches, and it is also highly weather resistant. It resists fading and damage from UV rays, even when used outside for many years. It also requires minimal maintenance, so the final product will not need to be refinished or repainted year after year. This makes it desirable among consumers, which makes it popular with manufacturers as well.

Plastic Can Mimic the Look of Wood

Finally, plastic is revolutionizing the outdoor furniture and décor industry because it can mimic the look and feel of wood, without the maintenance required of wood. It never needs to be painted but can bring the same texture and feel of wood. For this reason, plastics are also being used in today’s outdoor décor and architectural finishing, including trim and shutters.

As designers look forward to 2019, outdoor furniture is embracing plastic with vigor. Piedmont Plastics is ready to help with high quality, versatile plastic products, including HDPE sheet, that will fill this need well.