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Piedmont Plastics Innovates With UHMW Film

Recently, our Industrial Market Specialist team was made aware of a new application opportunity within their market. The idea for this new application started when a company that makes specialized computer and communication equipment for the military contacted Piedmont Plastics asking for a solution to a problem they were experiencing.

One of their projects is the manufacturing of a very heavy duty/impact resistant hard drive stack enclosure. The fit of the individual hard drives into the stack is such that removing them is very difficult. They were looking for a tab that can be attached using a high strength tape to the leading edge of each hard drive that can be used to pull the hard drives out of the stack for maintenance or replacement.

Piedmont researched several film products, and we eventually determined the final solution was kind of counterintuitive – UHMW film! The customer reports the tabs are working very well and they plan to keep using them throughout the life of their current contract.

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