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Piedmont Plastics’ Commitment To Sustainability & Recycling

As one of North America’s leading distributors of plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film products, Piedmont Plastics takes its commitments to environmental sustainability seriously. Our excellent customer service, knowledgeable employees, and competitive prices on the world’s best brands have been central to our brand over the last 50 years, and our commitment to sustainability and recycling is no different.

Adding Value Through Sustainability and Recycling

At Piedmont Plastics, we offer multiple value-added services that set us apart from our competitors, including our sustainability and recycling program. As the plastic industry grows, so too does the importance of environmental sustainability. Our customized recycling programs allow us to continue our long-term commitments to cost savings, sustainability, and our customers, which includes our ability to recover many of the products we distribute. When customers allow us to help them in their recycling operations, they begin to see multiple benefits, including:

  • Reductions in landfill contribution costs
  • Clean and organized work environments
  • Decreases in their carbon footprint
  • Hassle-free sorting through miscellaneous plastic scrap material

Aren’t All Plastic Products Harmful to the Environment?

Anything can be harmful to the environment when not managed properly. What many people don’t realize is that not all plastics are created equal. For example, many of the performance plastic materials offered by Piedmont Plastics are already made from recycled materials, are recyclable, or are biodegradable. For a more detailed list of these materials, check out our Natural Solutions Brochure. Regardless of what materials you select for your projects, performance plastics can help our planet in more ways than just their recyclability. For instance, lightweight plastics used in vehicles today significantly improve fuel efficiency due to weight reduction, which decreases the amount of fuel consumed and lowers the cost of travel. Performance plastics are also made to be long-lasting, which helps reduce the number of plastic materials being sent to landfills. While the amount of materials being withheld from landfills may not seem like much at first, the long-term impact will surly add up to be a significant decrease in deposited materials.


Piedmont Plastics has been recognized for its sustainability efforts on numerous occasions. We have been recognized with the Sustainability Recognition Award, presented by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). We were also recognized with the Environmental Excellence Award presented by the International Association of Plastic Distributors (IAPD). To see the full list of awards presented to Piedmont Plastics, check out the bottom of the Who We Are page on our website.

To learn more about how Piedmont Plastics can help you in your sustainability efforts, visit our home page and contact us today!