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Piedmont Plastics Natural Solutions Product Brochure

Natural Solutions Why Piedmont WE OFFER Over 50 Branch Locations Expert Product Knowledge Local Inventory Value-Added Services WHO WE ARE OUR COMMITMENT At Piedmont Plastics our recipe for success for over 50 years has been excellent customer service local knowledgeable employees and competitive prices on the worlds best brands. Customer service is a core value of Piedmont Plastics. In that time we have grown from a local supplier of basic plastic shapes and films to one of the leading plastic distributors in North America. knowledgeable sales representatives and the right With a reputation for integrity that permeates every aspect of our business we have established a legacy of customer service and product quality. We embrace every opportunity to promote enjoyable profitable relationships with our customers employees and suppliers. On-Time Shipping Premier Brands Industry Expertise Quality Management Systems State-of-the-Art Conversion Equipment With over 50 distribution centers throughout North America chances are we have what you need when you need it... FAST. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of service in the industry. This commitment reaches far beyond simply providing you with our product mix. Through our dedication to this goal our customers have come to rely on us for the PREMIER CHOICE for your conscious matieral needs Find more solutions at Environmental Responsibility PRINCIPLES As a key provider of plastic sheet rod tube and film Piedmont Plastics is dedicated to the responsible stewardship of the environment. We fulfill this dedication by Consistently recovering more than 5 million pounds We facilitate open communication with our top per year of recyclable scrap materials from our supplier partners to customers and the markets they serve. Learn what their environmental standards and practices are Encourage environmental standards and practices requirements as determined by the Piedm

ont Influence industry practices Plastics Recycling Partner program. Develop best pratices in our industry Annually recognizing and rewarding customers that meet minimum recycled reclamation weight Proactively reducing resource consumption and waste generation within all of Piedmonts operations. Eliminating or minimizing any adverse environmental impact that occurs as a result of Piedmonts business operations. ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCACY Establishing goals and objectives that continually improve the companys performance on environmental issues. PROGRAMS Our recycling program is customizable to fit your needs. We can recycle scrap material postindustrial waste and post-consumer waste. Scrap material such as acrylic polycarbonate and ABS. Post-waste such as skylights displays signs and packaging products. Together we can reduce your trash collection fees and minimize your landfill contribution. Natural Solutions 1 Conscious Materials RIGID MATERIALS Flexible materials come in a wide range of weights sizes and characteristics. They are a perfect material for many applications including automotive medical sign graphic Point-of-Purchase and display. Recycled Biodegradable PMG AquaPlas II Recycled HDPE FALCONBOARD PMG AquaPlas V Blended from postindustrial ABS plastic KAT Display Board FiberMate Kydex V103 Recycled thermoplastic sheet Enviroboard MR Moisture Resistant Multi-ply water-resistant paper Kydex V Recycled thermoplastic sheet FLEXIBLE MATERIALS Flexible materials come in a wide range of weights Recyclable Acrylic PMG Aqua Plas IV Lightweight rigid PVC foam sheet HDPE High Density Polyethylene Polycarbonate ABS Sheet Styrene Sheet UHMW Ultra High Molecular Weight United Industries Ultra Board Corrugated Sheets sizes and characteristics. They are a perfect material Aluminum Blanks and Coils Acetal Coroplast for many applications including automotive medical sign graphic Point-of-Purchase and display. Recyclable Recycled Nylon Polyester

PETG Polycarbonate King StarBoard Polyethylene DreamScapes Terralon wallcovering - PVC free made with a polyester natural fiber technology Vinyl PVC Polyethelene PET Auroras Weaves of Green fabrics - 100 post-consumer content PVC PETG NatureWoven Polyolefins Polystyrene Biodegradable Polyurethane EcoMedia Banner backlit and blockout materials Resin Codes Comparison Having the appropriate resin codes marked on your product will aid in ease of recycling efforts. Polyethylene Terephthalate PET PETE. This resin is commonly used in beverage bottles and many injection-molded consumer product containers. Cleaned recycled PET flakes and pellets are in great demand for spinning fiber for carpet yarns producing fiberfill and geo-textiles. Nickname Polyester. High Density Polyethylene HDPE. HDPE is used to make many types of bottles. Unpigmented bottles are translucent have good barrier properties and stiffness and are well suited to packaging products with a short shelf life such as milk. Because HDPE has good chemical resistance it is used for packaging many household and industrial chemicals such as detergents and bleach. Pigmented HDPE bottles have better stress crack resistance than unpigmented HDPE. Polyvinyl Chloride PVC Vinyl. In addition to its stable physical properties PVC has good chemical resistance weatherability flow characteristics and stable electrical properties. The diverse slate of vinyl products can be broadly divided into rigid and flexible materials. Low Density Polyethylene LDPE. LDPE is used predominately in film applications due to its toughness flexibility and relative transparency making it popular for use in applications where heat sealing is necessary. LDPE also is used to manufacture some flexible lids and bottles as well as in wire and cable applications. Includes Linear Low Density Polyethylene LLDPE. Polypropylene PP. PP has good chemical resistance is strong and has a high melting point making it good for hot-fill liquids. Thi

s resin is found in flexible and rigid packaging fibers and large molded parts for automotive and consumer products. Polystyrene PS. PS is a versatile plastic that can be rigid or foamed. General purpose polystyrene is clear hard and brittle. It has a relatively low melting point. Typical applications include protective packaging foodservice packaging bottles and food containers. PS is often combined with rubber to make high-impact polystyrene HIPS which is used for packaging and durable applications requiring toughness but not clarity. Other. Use of this code indicates that a package is made with a resin other than the six listed above or is made of more than one resin and used in a multi-layer combination. THE AMERICAN CHEMISTRY COUNCIL ACC MAKES NO WARRANTY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED REGARDING THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HEREIN INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE. ACC SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIRECT INDIRECT INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES DAMAGES FROM A LOSS OF USE OR PROFITS OR COST OF PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES IN CONTRACT TORT OR OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN. American Chemistry Council Plastics Division. Natural Solutions 3 Organizations of Interest ASTM FSC PFPG ASTM International formerly known Formed in response to global The Plastics Foodservice Packaging as the American Society for Testing deforestation the Forest Stewardship Group PFPG a part of the American and Materials ASTM is a globally Council FSC is widely regarded as one Chemistry Council creates programs recognized leader in the development of the most important initiatives of the to educate the public about the and delivery of international voluntary last decade to promote responsible importance and benefits of plastic consensus standards. forest management worldwid

e. The foodservice packaging. PFPG members FSC label ensures direct support of include major resin suppliers as well responsible forestry andor reclaimed as manufacturers converters of fiber through rigorous third party plastic foodservice products. verification. APR THE VINYL INSTITUTE ISO The Association of Postconsumer The Vinyl Institute founded in 1982 is The Plastics Foodservice Packaging Plastic Recyclers represent companies a U.S. trade association representing Group PFPG a part of the American who acquire reprocess and sell the the leading manufacturers of vinyl Chemistry Council creates programs by product of more than 90 of the vinyl chloride monomer vinyl to educate the public about the post-consumer plastic processing additives and modifiers and vinyl importance and benefits of plastic capacity in the United States Canada packaging materials. foodservice packaging. PFPG members and Mexico. include major resin suppliers as well as manufacturers converters of plastic foodservice products. SFI SPI USGBC The Sustainable Forestry Initiative SPI advocates continuous The USGBC is committed to cost SFI label is a sign you are buying innovation and improvement in efficient and energy-saving green wood and paper products from a applying sustainability principles in buildings. USGBC works toward its responsible source backed by a the manufacturing distribution use mission of market transformation rigorous third-party certification and disposition of plastic materials. through its LEED green building audit. certification program robust educational offerings a nationwide network of chapters and affiliates the annual Greenbuild International Conference Expo and advocacy in support of public policy that encourages and enables green buildings and communities. SGP NAPCOR The SGP is an independent non-profit Nat

ional Association for PET Container organization providing a certification Resources is the trade association for label for sustainability in the graphic the PET plastic industry. We promote communications industry. SGP is the the introduction and use of PET industry standard for the certification packaging facilitate the recycling of and continuous improvement of PET packaging and communicate the sustainability and best practices within attributes of the PET container as an print manufacturing operations. environmentally sustainable package. Natural Solutions 5