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How Industrial Plastic Materials Are Used In Airplanes

Industrial Plastics for Airplanes

In the airline manufacturing industry, a balance between reducing weight and ensuring aircraft durability is a necessity. Piedmont Plastics has been integral in creating durable, yet lightweight, industrial plastic materials to help modern aircraft stay efficient and effective while still ensuring a quality flight experience for crew and passengers alike. Plastics, and thermoplastics specifically, are uniquely suited for many applications on aircraft due to both their lightweight nature and their durability.

Luggage Storage Bins

One place in which plastics play a key role in the development and manufacturing of modern aircraft is in the overhead luggage storage compartment. These compartments require durable materials because they are subjected to quite a bit of strain in normal use. Yet, they also need to be lightweight, because their presence does not add to the aerodynamics or operation of the aircraft. Plastics like Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) or Kydex are excellent materials for these bins.

Increase Safety with Decreased Weight

Airplanes manufacturers can benefit from industrial plastics in other areas as well. Plastics and plastic composites have helped aircraft manufacturers reduce the weight of their aircrafts, replacing heavy metal components with lightweight plastic options. Modern plastics are highly corrosion resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than traditional materials, helping meet the flame and smoke requirements for modern aircraft.

The strength and corrosion resistance of materials like Kydex Thermoplastic Sheet allow them to be used in aircraft interiors on both commercial and military aircraft that must withstand a heavy amount of traffic and regular cleaning. By utilizing these lightweight materials throughout the interior of modern aircraft, manufacturers can reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. Some plastics can also be used in propulsion systems because of their high resistance to damage from heat and fumes.

Piedmont Plastics offers a diverse portfolio of thermoplastics that are ideally suited for manufacturers in the aeronautics industries. Piedmont Plastics serves civilian, commercial, military and space industries, offering a range of solutions to common concerns in the industry. For more information about the use of thermoplastics in the aerospace market, contact Piedmont Plastics today.