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How To Use Plastic Sheets For Home Projects

Polycarbonate, acrylic, and other types of plastic sheeting can all be used for a variety of applications within the home, including crafts and hobbies that require lightweight materials, as well as more robust applications such as roofing for carports, greenhouses, and skylights.

Here, we present some of the many things you can do at home with plastic sheeting.

Outdoor Roofing

Sunporches, covered patios, and other outdoor structures can all take advantage of the features associated with corrugated polycarbonate sheet roofing. Polycarbonate roof panels’ sturdy corrugated surface facilitates installation by preventing gaps between the panels and also aids in channeling rainwater.

Polycarbonate roof panels are strong, weather-resistant, and block harmful UV radiation even in clear varieties. While reducing direct sunlight to any outdoor area, opaque polycarbonate sheet roofing is available in various colors to match the aesthetic of your covered patio.

Window, Door, and Porch Awnings

To create a covered area for entry and lessen the amount of rain and snow that enters the building when the door is opened, a non-corrugated polycarbonate awning can be a sturdy and long-lasting addition to an exterior door.

Polycarbonate awnings over windows or porches can reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering a space and even permit windows and doors to stay open during downpours.

Because polycarbonate is flexible and easy to work with, its uses aren’t limited to rigid flat shapes. For example, transparent polycarbonate sheets can be bent into curved or arched awnings, canopies, or walkways.


Use a clear or translucent polycarbonate skylight to bring natural light into a shed, covered porch, or rooftop. In contrast to glass, the material blocks ultraviolet light and is resistant to being harmed by debris falling from above.

Smaller skylights can be made using acrylic, which is notably stronger and lighter than glass and withstands exposure to all sorts of weather.


Polycarbonate sheets for greenhouses can shield plants from wind and weather all year. In addition, individual sheets can be cut to the desired dimensions to create a weather-resistant greenhouse that fits your demands and available space.

High-light transmission greenhouse polycarbonate sheets give plants the light they require for growth while shielding them from the elements and harsh sunlight that can prevent growth.

Other Ways To Use Plastic Sheets At Home

There are many ways one can use polycarbonate, acrylic, plexiglass, and vinyl for home DIY projects, crafts, and displays. Some ideas could include:

  • Corrugated polycarbonate plastic sheets can be used for various crafts and hobbies, temporary outdoor signs, or as school project backgrounds.
  • Because acrylic sheet doesn’t break easily or yellow, it serves well as a protective surface for tables, shelves, and clear cabinet fronts. It can also be used as plastic flooring for kennels or sheds.
  • Vinyl can be hand or machine cut into almost any shape to create anything from bags to furniture covers. It can also be attached to walls, windows, or floors with adhesive as either decoration, house numbering, or for temporary marking of spaces.
  • Polycarbonate makes an excellent alternative to wood for covering up windows in case of a hurricane or as a barricade against vandals for an empty house.
  • Plexiglass shows up in many DIY home projects, such as hobby display cases, photo or art frames, shelving, laser engraved signage, 3-D art presentations, shadow boxes, and more.
  • Polycarbonate sheet is a sturdy and affordable option for privacy panels or room partitions.
  • The high-clarity finish of transparent acrylic makes it ideal for weddings, reunions, or other events to use with table cards, menus, displays, photo displays, and so on.

Cutting to Size

Most plastic sheets can be easily cut to almost any size. And because these materials are typically lightweight, they are easy to work with and cut to size for convenient installation.

A circular saw fitted with a fine-tooth cutting blade suitable for plastic will work well for most plastic sheets. If polycarbonate pieces need to be cut thin, a pair of heavy-duty shears or a sharp utility knife will do the trick. Vinyl can be cut with many ordinary household scissors, machine cut to order, or home cutting equipment.

Plexiglass, which can be more rigid, can be trimmed using a score-and-snap method. Use a sharp utility knife to carefully score the cut line several times until the scrap end can be snapped off.

Purchasing Plastic Sheets at Piedmont Plastics

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