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Top Types Of Flexible Plastic Sheet

At Piedmont Plastics, our goal is to provide the plastic products our customers need, no matter their application. We stock a wide range of flexible plastic sheet for customers to consider as they determine the materials for their unique applications. Some of our most popular types of flexible plastic sheet include these.

1) Specialty Acrylic Sheet

The benefits of acrylic make it well suited for a wide range of applications. Specialty acrylic sheet offers the ability to add even more benefits, like UV blocking, glare-free finishes, bulletproof strength, abrasion-resistant coatings, and more. Piedmont Plastics offers a variety of thicknesses, colors, patterns and specific applications for those in the market for acrylic sheet, and all acrylic sheet offers the flexibility you need for your application.

2) Polycarbonate Sheet

Impact resistant and flame retardant, polycarbonate sheet is the top choice for everything from security glazing to sign faces and even riot shields. Even though it is flexible, polycarbonate sheet is impact resistant, even over a wide range of temperatures, and it is 200 times stronger than glass. It’s also lighter than glass, which is why it is the material of choice for handheld security items like riot shields.

3) High-Density Polyethylene

High-density polyethylene, or HDPE, is a petroleum-based thermoplastic that is resistant to impact and moisture. Its high tensile strength allows it to be used in applications where durability is critical. You can find HDPE in everything from RV designs to playground equipment. It is also chemical and corrosion resistant for use in food processing, medical facilities, and manufacturing facilities.

4) Kydex Thermoplastic Sheet

Kydex sheet is found in trade show booths, mass transit vehicle interiors, medical offices and more. It’s chemical resistant, comes in a wide range of colors and textures and is fire and smoke resistant. With many colors and grades available, this flexible plastic sheet is one of the most versatile available.

5) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Also known as ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a flexible plastic sheet, plate or rod material that has excellent electrical insulation properties and impact resistant. It also has low moisture absorption rates and works well for indoor and outdoor applications. This plastic is often found in appliance parts and on an automotive trim.

Each of these flexible plastic sheet options has its own benefits and applications. Reach out to the team at Piedmont Plastics to learn more about the options available to you, so you can get help choosing the right plastic sheet for your project.