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Everyday Uses For Polycarbonate Sheet

A polycarbonate sheet is a tough plastic (shaped into a transparent or opaque sheet) that absorbs little moisture as well as resists chemicals. It is also flame retardant and is not prone to impact damage. Since it has many desirable features, it has been adapted for many uses in place of glass, acrylic, and other materials.

Room Divider

A common use for polycarbonate sheet is dividing a room. Since the sheet is lightweight, it is easy to move from place to place. Some are manufactured in an accordion style so you can open and close the divider as needed, and some are even made on wheels for easier movement.

Safety Glasses

Since polycarbonate sheet is resistant to impact damage and chemicals, as well as flame retardant, it is a top choice for safety glasses and goggles. Due to the nature of polycarbonate sheet, it provides more protection than other materials would while keeping glasses and goggles thin enough they won’t affect someone’s vision.

Bullet Resistance

In places where bullet-resistant glass is a necessity, a polycarbonate sheet can help provide proper protection and security. The polycarbonate sheet is placed in between layers of the glass, providing protection should any bullets hit the surface.

Riot shields are also commonly created with polycarbonate sheet due to the bullet resistance.


Many manufacturers are finding ways to utilize the features of polycarbonate sheet. Since it is so lightweight and durable, it is a great option for creating smart phones, laptops, and other electronics that may be sensitive to impact damage and other damages that the sheet could help prevent.

A polycarbonate sheet may also be used to create CDs and DVDs.

Auto Parts

Since it is resistant to chemicals, heat, and flame retardant, it is also a popular choice for certain automotive parts. You may discover radiator grills, door handles, and even headlight bezels made from a polycarbonate sheet to add lightweight protection to the vehicle.

Building Applications

Polycarbonate sheet is over 200 times stronger than glass, making it a great replacement option for glass when available. It is also easier to mold than other materials. Durability makes it a top option for skylights and glazing security lights in buildings. It insulates much better than glass and can also help lower energy costs when used in place of glass for building purposes.


Another desired feature of polycarbonate sheet is the UV protection it provides. It is becoming increasingly popular in the creation of greenhouses since it still lets the sun’s rays in, without the potentially harmful UV rays, thus providing protection, warmth, and light to the plants inside.

Since it is stronger than glass and acrylic and provides many safety features, it is often used in place of glass for building purposes. It is also lightweight, making it popular in the automotive industry and the electronics industry. Polycarbonate sheet offers bullet resistance, so you will often find riot shields and bulletproof glass is made of it. There are many uses for polycarbonate sheet and it is taking over lots of industries.