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The Art Of Creating The Perfectly-Staged Event Display

When you’re marketing your product, service or company at a trade show, you have to figure out a way to stand out from the crowd. That starts with your trade show display or booth. If you can create a design that makes people stop and take a closer look, you will win more customers and contacts. Here are some tips to make your design really stand out.

1. Elevate It

First, find some way to elevate something on your display. Perhaps you will be talking to people at the event. Build an elevated platform with durable plastic or composite material. There’s a variety of rigid materials suited for this solution. From acrylic to polycarbonate to Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), there are many plastic materials lighter and more appealing than traditional wood. Maybe you are selling a product. Use strategically placed plastic shelving to elevate those items you want to showcase.

2. Make It Unique

Add something to your trade show display that will make it unique. Curving lines, interactive elements and even seating for your event attendees are all options that will make your display stand out.

3. Incorporate Technology

From digital signs to interactive touch screens, if you’re not using technology in your event display, your competition is, and your potential clients will be swayed by it. Build technology into your display to get more people to stop and take a look.

4. Reduce Clutter

Less is not more when it comes to an event display. Choose the items you have on your table and in your display carefully, and make sure they serve a purpose. Direct attendees to your most important message or product, and keep the extras tucked out of sight.

5. Make It Customizable

Finally, make your event display customizable, so you can adapt it to different locations and spaces. With elements that you can adjust and change easily, it is possible to expand or shrink your event display to fit the trade show you are visiting.

If you are going to build an event display, the right basic materials are going to be essential. You need something that is durable and can stand up to being set up and torn down time after time. Plastic is a great place to start. Trust Piedmont Plastics to set you up with the right products, from the plastics to build the booth itself to plastic sheet and to craft banners and signs, that will make your trade show display stand out.