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LMT Onsrud

LMT Onsrud is a premier cutting tool manufacturer for the plastics industry. In 1946 Onsrud began producing high-speed steel router bits, milling cutters, and carbide-tipped tools from its factory in Libertyville, Illinois. For 65 years Onsrud has produced premium quality cutting tools that are utilized across an array of industries and with a variety of materials. Onsrud’s growth has come in tandem with the growth of its customers’ needs.

 Onsrud takes pride in manufacturing cutting tools for both CNC routers and CNC mills as well as electric and air routers. Onsrud’s cutting tools increase productivity and produce a superior part finish. Current tooling lines include engineered panel applications and plastic and composite machining for the marine and aircraft industries. Onsrud’s latest end mills cut aluminum and exotic metals for today's aerospace, defense and medical industries. Specialized solid carbide drills cut composites, titanium and other non-ferrous materials.

Piedmont Plastics and LMT Onsrud are both leaders in the plastics industry. Our close partnership allows us to offer maximum value and competitive pricing to all of our customers. Visit Piedmont Plastics to learn more about how Onsrud and Piedmont Plastics can serve you.