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Klockner Pentaplast

Founded in 1965, Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) is a global plastics manufacturer with a deep-rooted history, which offers complete protective packaging portfolios of high-quality products, including both rigid films, mono film and flexible films, with a reputation for outstanding service. Kp continually innovates to design and manufacture sustainable solutions to package and protect consumer products in daily situations around the globe. Kp offers film solutions designed specifically for packaging pharmaceutical, medical, retail, food, and beverage products as well as printable films for product labeling and digital printing.

Sustainability at kp

Kp believes in the sustainable protection of everyday needs and understands our obligation and responsibility to champion a circular economy where plastics are a source of valuable raw material. Kp intends to be the leader in sustainable rigid and flexible plastic solutions that improve lives, communities, and health, while protecting the planet.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Kp has develops comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging solutions with our protective barrier films for the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industry. Blister packs, trays and clamshells made from kp films are convenient, compliant, and ensure your product is effective, safe, and secure.

  • Sustainable rigid PET
  • Barrier rigid films
  • Mono rigid PET
  • Specialty rigid films
  • BlisterPro services

Medical Device Packaging

Kp provides the medical device industry with an extensive line of specially formulated rigid films manufactured to the highest standards and in strict compliance with cGMP standards. Choose from mono and specialty rigid films in a range of formulations to suit your product.

  • Mono rigid films
  • Specialty rigid films

Retail/Consumer Packaging

Kp continues to provide packaging films for the consumer packaging industry. Our extensive product portfolio offers solutions for your everyday packaging needs, such as thermoforming packaging, and static-control films.

  • General purpose thermoformable films
  • Static control films
  • Recycled PET

Food and Beverage Packaging

Kp aims to ensure you get the most sustainable product packaging solutions that not only protect your food products while extending shelf-life and reducing food waste, but that can also be recycled. Kp operates across a vast range of fresh food categories, supplying thermoformed trays, rigid films for form, fill and seal applications as well as flexible films to protect your products.

  • Recycled mono PET
  • Expanded PP
  • Post-consumer recycled PET
  • PE
  • Extruded polystyrene (XPS)
  • PVC
  • Mono rigid films
  • Multi-layer rigid films
  • Specialty rigid films

Graphics and Digital Printing

The images and messages that consumers see on graphics and printed products have to be exactly what you want them to be. Kp films are easy-to-use, easy to print, and kp constantly improves films and formulas to keep your brand standing out on the shelf. Sustainable options are also available to help you wherever you are on your sustainability journey.

  • Recycled HDPE
  • PETG
  • PP
  • PE
  • Rigid vinyl
  • Recycled PVC
  • HIPS
  • PET
  • Holographic/foil films

Building and Construction

Kp films are the key to beautiful, long-lasting surfaces in homes, hospitals, and office complexes. With high quality and dimensional stability KP films print easily and maintain form and function during everyday use. Kp films have countless uses including vinyl flooring films, cabinetry, doors, pvc pipe insulation jacket, cooling tower systems and drywall tape.

  • PET
  • Rigid vinyl
  • PVC