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Louvers, Lenses & Covers

Louvers, Lenses & Covers

Piedmont Plastics offers a variety of louvers, lenses and covers designed to enhance lighting experiences for office environments, retail environments, and manufacturing facilities. Louvers control and focus light while lenses and covers spread and soften light distribution, while also shielding light emitters from distributing particles into the environment.

Piedmont offers a variety of lighting solutions from a number of industry leading suppliers to fit every need. Louvers, lenses, and covers are available in a wide selection of styles, transparencies, cell and panel sizes, and thicknesses.

If you’re wondering what selection of louvers, lenses, and covers is best for your application, contact your nearest Piedmont branch. We offer over 40 to choose from throughout North America. Our team of experts will guide you to the best alternatives, and ensure quick delivery of your solutions.

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