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What Is Starboard Sheet?

What Is Starboard Sheet?

For those projects where cost-effective moisture resistance materials are needed, King Starboard® HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic sheets may be just what you’re looking for. It’s the perfect solution for a host of marine applications, from small boats and sloops to high-end yachts and cruise ships.

King Starboard® is a highly versatile marine-grade polymer material created by King Plastics and distributed by Piedmont Plastics that has become something of an industry standard. As a fabrication material, Starboard can be used to make a wide variety of marine craft fixtures. Using an advanced manufacturing process known as K-Stran®, Starboard® HDPE is produced in flat sheets that will not deteriorate or discolor over time. Boat makers use Starboard® marine board in most of their products because it is specially stabilized to withstand the harshest of outdoor marine environments.

Built To Last

Marine manufacturers recognize the advantages of King Starboard® HDPE’s low-maintenance finish. The high-grade marine plastic board is easy to clean and maintain, and you can work these polyethylene sheets with drills, table saws, and other cutting and fitting tools. The matte finish used in Starboard® plastic boards helps conceal scuffs and scratches easily. Starboard® is long-lasting and will maintain its color and finish for the boat’s lifetime. 

Because King Starboard® marine plastic sheet is designed to resist dirt and water, they can’t be painted. The good news is that they can be ordered in a number of long-lasting colors, including White, Artic White, SeaFoam, Sea Pearl, SanShade, Light Gray, Dolphin Gray, and Black that will not fade or yellow over time.

Easy To Work

Common watercraft materials such as teak and fiberglass can be difficult and costly to install and maintain. An advantage Starboard® plastic sheeting has is relatively simple and cost-effective installation.

King Starboard® is easy to work with and can be finished using standard woodworking tools. Making changes or alterations to a design is simple and efficient using polyethylene sheets–particularly when compared with the cost of other marine building materials. Starboard® HDPE’s sheathing provides the superior yield per square foot of material which also helps bring down project costs.

Benefits of Using King Starboard® In Marine Construction

While there is a range of choices when it comes to materials for marine construction, some materials are markedly better than others. Specific materials such as Starboard® polyethylene board carry notable benefits. They feature high impact resistance, superior flexibility, and lightweight. In addition, they are resistant to rotting, swelling, splintering, discoloring, and delaminating.

High-quality HDPE sheets like Starboard® also offer high optical clarity, scratch resistance, UV stability, and enhanced weatherability.

If you’re not sure what material will be best for your product, feel free to contact us, and we can connect you with one of our marine market specialists. While King Starboard® is a superior material for many marine applications, Piedmont Plastics offers various materials to fit all needs.

The Many Uses of Starboard® HDPE Sheet

Some popular uses for Starboard® marine plastics includes can include the following:

  • Bow pulpits
  • Boat hatches
  • Doors, frames, and trims
  • Grab rails and handles
  • Rod holders
  • Drink and tool holders
  • Steps
  • Dock boxes
  • Tray tables and furniture
  • Countertops and tables
  • Fish cleaning stations
  • Swim platforms
  • And other boat accessories

Pretty much any element of marine construction that requires a flat marine board can be constructed using Starboard®.

Ordering King Starboard® Polyethylene Sheet

Piedmont Plastics provides cut-to-size services for all of their plastic sheet, rod, and tube products. Their expert technicians specialize in maximizing yields and tolerance while maintaining high-quality standards. In addition, their Schelling and SCM saws available across their branch network provide the highest quality cut-to-size services in the industry.

For pricing, visit the Piedmont Plastics website to ask for a quote. Piedmont Plastics offers custom cutting services, competitive prices, and quality service.

The Marine Experts

Part of what makes Piedmont Plastics one of the top plastics providers globally is its market specialization, which includes a team of dedicated marine market specialists with years of industry knowledge and experience. Piedmont Plastics values its relationships with customers and is fully prepared to provide solutions for any situation. Browse our products and shop online now!