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Piedmont Plastics Products Playing Important Role In Booming Construction Industry

Charlotte, NC, is one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. It seems as though new apartment communities, office buildings, recreational areas, breweries, and even new retail centers are popping up almost every night in this thriving metropolitan area to meet the demands of a growing population. Piedmont Plastics is based in Charlotte, and our plastic materials are at the heart of much of this growth, construction and development.

Building and Construction Relying Heavily on Piedmont Plastics Products

Plastic provides the ideal building material for a variety of applications. It is strong, fade-resistant and easily sanitized, all of which make it ideal for building new constructions. Many new constructions and renovations use plastic for everything from decorative elements to critical components like windows and roofing. Some examples include:

  • Window glazing

  • Lighting panels

  • Decorative shutters

  • Conveyor systems

  • Security windows

  • Bathroom partitions

These are just some of the many construction applications where Piedmont's products fit the need nicely. The variety of products offered by Piedmont Plastics means that builders can find exactly what they need to finish their construction project well.

Critical Architectural Elements Often Include Plastic

in addition to the finishing features like bathroom partitions and lighting panels, Piedmont's products can add critical architectural elements to a building project. One example of this is architectural columns on residential properties made from foam PVC. These rigid, weatherproof columns can easily hold up under all types of weather and create an attractive front to a home or business. Its flexibility allows it to be cut or formed into many different shapes and styles, depending on the overall architectural style of the property.

Piedmont Plastics Used to Make Construction Signage

With construction and development comes the need to create signage. Warning signs for construction sites, traffic signs to move traffic around construction and marketing signs or banners to showcase what the new location will be, signage is key to construction. Plastic sheet materials offer the fade-resistance, flexibility and versatility needed for this type of signage. In addition to stiff plastic sheet for signage, Piedmont Plastics offers plastic banner material. Both offer a printable surface that makes for highly visible signage.

As Charlotte continues to grow, Piedmont Plastics is here to support that growth through quality plastic and thermoplastic materials. Contact a Piedmont representative today to learn more about how our products can make a construction project successful.