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How Plastic Sheet Is Used In The Food Processing Industry

From cutting boards to food storage and even conveyor systems, plastics are making a big impact on the food processing industry. Because they can handle harsh environments, even the most acidic foods and harshest cleaning chemicals are no match for their durability. If you are in the food processing or packaging industry and are looking for USDA, FDA and NSF compliant materials for your products, plastic products are hard to beat.

High Impact and Cut Resistance Makes Plastic Ideal for Food Preparation Surfaces

Plastic sheet, including HDPE sheet, works quite well for food preparation surfaces. Thermoplastics, specifically, are impact and cut resistant, so you can use them as cutting surfaces to prepare food for packaging needs. Because they do not absorb moisture, they also do not absorb the bacteria commonly found in food, making them easy to sanitize and use repeatedly. The impact resistance of plastics also means they are less likely to introduce shavings into food as it is being processed.

Thermal Resistance Help Plastics Work Well in Food Processing

Food processing requires quite a bit of heat. Sealing, cooking and sanitizing all require heat, and materials used in manufacturing elements must resist thermal expansion and heat damage. Many plastics offered by Piedmont Plastics do this quite well. These can be used to make can mandrels, conveyor systems and more in areas of the plant that require high heat.

Plastics for Manufacturing Components

Food processing requires ease of moving food and food containers from place to place within a factory environment. Plastics are being used to create gears, sprockets, bearings, seals and more to keep machinery moving and the food processing industry functioning well. For companies that produce a high volume of food and beverage products, plastics are proving to be a key factor. UHMW sheet and other plastic sheet is commonly found in conveyor systems, star wheels, bottling lines and similar applications. Because plastic can be machined into exact specifications easily, companies are relying more and more on it as a material to create their manufacturing systems.

FDA, USDA, NSF and 3A-Dairy Compliant

Today's plastics have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for use among foods. Piedmont Plastics carries materials that are 3A-Dairy, USDA and FDA compliant, ensuring that food can safely be prepared, stored and transported within these plastic materials.

If you are in the food processing industry, plastic sheet from Piedmont Plastic will improve everything from your initial preparation to your final food packaging and delivery. Talk to your local Piedmont sales representative to find out which of our plastic materials will work best for your needs.