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Plastic… Making The World A Safer Place

When it comes to safety, plastic is supreme. From security and protection equipment to shatterproof windshields and even bullet-resistant "glass", plastic is taking over the safety and security industry. Here is a closer look at some of the ways plastic materials are being used in modern safety equipment.

Safer Windshields on Recreational Vehicles

All it would take is one errant golf ball to shatter a glass golf cart windshield, but plastic protects against this. Acrylic and polycarbonate materials are just as transparent as glass but are much more crack and impact resistant. They're also lightweight, which helps golf carts, ATVs and similar recreational vehicles move more easily across rugged terrain.

Secure Glazing for Prisons, Psychiatric Facilities, and Detention Centers

A desperate inmate may take any object to the windows of a cell or holding room, and this means that the glass in these facilities needs to be strong. Plastic laminate and Glass Clad security glazing, described as laminated glass and plastic, work very well in these applications. Security glazing in control and interview rooms, as well as visitation areas and even cells themselves, helps ensure inmates and detainees stay where they are and the facility stays safe. The right plastic laminated product will pass most state or federal standards for detention facilities. The same materials are used in psychiatric facilities, high value targets, and government facilities to keep staff and residents safe.

Bullet-Resistant Plastic Sheet

Employees in gas stations, convenience stores, and similar high-risk businesses appreciate the protection bullet-resistant windows can offer. Though these are called bullet-resistant windows which traditionally have used glass, they can now be made from polycarbonate and acrylic sheet that features bullet-resistant performance properties and perform without breaking catastrophically like glass. Varying thickness can account for varying risks facing a facility to provide a safe location for staff and customers alike.

Bullet-resistant plastics aren't just used on stores and prisons. These materials also help keep law enforcement officials safer when out in the field. Riot shields, as an example, are commonly made from plastics to ensure they are light enough to carry but strong enough to do the job well.

In each of these areas of safety and security, plastic is an integral part. If you need plastic materials to help increase the security and safety of your facility, talk to the sales team at Piedmont Plastics for help selecting the right materials.