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How Plastic Materials Are Used For Recreational Products

When it comes to having fun, plastic is the go-to material. From playgrounds to sporting equipment, plastic is providing the durable, lightweight and colorful building blocks for modern recreation. The next time you go outside to play, take a closer look around you, and you just might find places where plastics are making an impact.

Durable and Colorful Playground Equipment

A visually appealing playground is going to entice children to play better than a drab one, yet the playground's basic materials need to be durable and impact resistant. They also need to provide a safe play structure void of sharp edges or the risk of rust. ColorCore® and ColorBoard® made by King Plastics Corporation® fits these needs perfectly. Easily moldable into shapes and structures for modern play equipment, this HDPE material holds up well under weather exposure and can handle rugged play for years without damage. Piedmont offers this material in a variety of brilliant colors.

Watercraft and Water Sports

Another place where plastics are making a big splash is in the watercraft and water sports industry. Thermoplastics, specifically, make a great choice for constructing lightweight craft like kayaks, and they can also be used for water skis, motorboats and more. The buoyant and water-resistant nature of thermoplastics, specifically polyethylene and ABS sheet, combined with its fade resistance makes it an excellent choice for these applications.

Eliminate Glass to Make Recreation Facilities and Equipment Safer

In applications where the transparency of glass is needed, such as glass-bottom boats, arena windows, recreational vehicle windshields and even safety helmets or goggles, plastics make a better alternative. Plastics can provide the same level of transparency as glass but without the tendency to shatter. They are also lighter weight than glass, which helps buoyancy and aerodynamics for boats and vehicles.

As you can see, plastics and plastic sheet is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. For those who are creating new recreational equipment and facilities, Piedmont Plastics has the plastic materials you need to create recreational spaces and equipment that will stand up for years of use.