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Piedmont Plastics Helps With Hurricane Harvey

Last week, we received a suggestion from one of our employees in Florida about helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. While the company has already donated to the relief fund through the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), we liked their idea and wanted to encourage our other employees to donate, as well.  We will be making further donations to the following two foundations we think would especially benefit the people who have suffered and are currently trying to rebuild their lives in the Houston area. 

The Greater Houston Community Foundation – After receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies that want to help, the Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner and County Judge Ed Emmett established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund that accepts donations for victims who have been affected by the floods.  As of today, they have received $35,000,000 in donations that will go directly to the victims.

The J.J. Watt Foundation –  J.J. Watt has a foundation that is accepting funds to aid Houstonians in need after the hurricane.  J.J. has a long history of philanthropy for Houstonians and has received $22,000,000 in donations so far.  Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show just donated $1,000,000 to the fund today, as did Ellen DeGeneres and Walmart.

Photo provided by CNN - Hurricane Harvey Images