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Piedmont Plastics an industry leader in the wholesale distribution of plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film, is pleased to announce the launch of KATZ Display Board. KATZ Display Board is the premium alternative to composite substrates. With a unique, all natural wood pulp board core, KATZ Display Board hangs straighter than alternative signage products for longer periods of time. KATZ Display Board is laminated on both sides with a high white, low static liner that makes high quality printing easier than ever. KATZ Display Board delivers excellent cutting results through static and oscillating knives, routing and die cutting. In addition to all of these benefits, KATZ Display Board is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, proving that going green doesn't cost you quality. 

KATZ Display Board Characteristics: 

Liner - All natural paper with no chemicals, bleaches or harmful whitening agents. 96 white point paper with a matte finish for best printing and sharp image clarity. 

Core - The unique solid core of KATZ Display Board resists warping and curling through the ability to handle changes in temperature and humidity. Core is not multi-ply and does not have a grain direction, making it lighter and stronger than composite materials like styrene, foamboard, and coroplast.

Glue - All natural starch adhesive.