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Piedmont Plastics Market Specialization

Market Specialization – What Sets Piedmont Apart

Piedmont Plastics has many characteristics that sets us apart among plastics distributors. Our robust inventory of materials and products and our knowledgeable sales professionals are some of those factors. Our customers know they can come to us for expert guidance and top-quality materials that help them make a better product. Yet the Piedmont difference goes beyond just a skilled sales team and quality products. One of the ways we are different is through our focus on Market Specialization.

What Is Market Specialization?

Plastics are quickly becoming the material of choice in everything from food service to automobile manufacturing. Each of the markets where plastics are used has unique needs and requirements. At Piedmont Plastics, we recognize this fact, and we have cultivated a team of professionals who are passionate market and product experts, and we call them our Market Specialists.

Piedmont’s Market Specialists know their industries inside and out, often with outside experience within the industry before coming to Piedmont. These professionals and industry experts have decades of experience in your market. They know the way the industries utilize plastics, what plastic products are the best fit for particular applications, and how the properties of the various products in our inventory apply to your particular niche.

How Does Market Specialization Help You?

When you come to Piedmont Plastics in need of new material, you want to know that the material you purchase will improve the end product you are creating. Whether you are looking for a plastic product to craft seating for a boat or need bullet-resistant, shatter-proof plastic for a security need, you want the right product. While our experienced and knowledgeable sales team are a valuable resource, our Market Specialists are the true industry experts. They can provide you with the insight you need to choose well.

In addition, our Market Specialists are constantly at our facilities training our sale professionals in the best uses of our products in their respective inventories. Should a sales team member have a question while helping you find the right product, the Market Specialists are easily reached to provide guidance.

When you choose Piedmont Plastics as your plastic supplier, you benefit from having a knowledgeable industry expert available to you. This helps you arrive at the right choice for your plastics needs, helping you make a better product for your own customers.

Market Specializations – Just One of Piedmont Plastic’s Many Differentiators

Our Market Specialization and Market Specialists are what set us apart as the premier choice for your plastics needs. We are committed to bettering our knowledge of the plastics industry and adding quality products to our inventory to serve you well, all with the help of our Market Specialists. If you are searching for a plastics distributor and want to be certain you can work with someone who truly understands your industry, reach out to Piedmont Plastics.