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Best Applications For Perforated Plastic Sheet

Perforated plastic sheet is a plastic material offered by Piedmont Plastics that provides the unique ability to create a see-through surface. This makes perforated plastic sheet the ideal choice for window graphics, allowing inside a car or building to see out while providing a brilliant printed image on the outside face of the window for a company’s branding goals. Here are some applications where perforated plastic sheet can add beautiful window graphics without sacrificing visibility.

Storefront Advertising

If a business has a storefront, that storefront provides a free opportunity for advertising. Every day, people walk or drive past the business. Adding graphics to the window will transform it into a free billboard advertising the business and its activities, products or services. However, few businesses want to black out their windows with printed advertising and make their interiors dark and dingy. Perforated plastic sheet allows the windows to remain transparent while also utilizing the window surface for advertising. And, with both temporary and permanent options from Piedmont Plastics, store owners can easily change out the advertising message when they wish or choose a permanent display to showcase their brand.

Mobile Advertising on Vehicles

Mobile advertising on the side of vehicles is also an effective way to spread a brand’s message throughout a community, but when the image is broken up by windows it can detract from its impact. Also, many states have regulations about how much visibility must be protected on a car’s windows. Again, perforated plastic sheet allows the image to be placed across the entire side of the vehicle, including its windows, without sacrificing visibility for those inside the vehicle. Transform your company cars into mobile advertisements, or partner with the city bus line to put an ad on the side of city buses to increase the effectiveness of your local advertising efforts.

Illuminated Graphics for Nighttime Advertising

Piedmont Plastics offers ContraVision Backlite, a unique perforated window film that creates see-through graphics that can be lit from behind to provide a lighted display after the sun sets. All it requires is the existing lighting in a facility to create an illuminated nighttime display, so the advertising efforts continue even at night. Many companies find that the illuminated display is even more impactful than the daytime display, and with these plastic sheet options, illumination requires no additional work.

Perforated plastic sheet makes window advertising simple and effective. With the help of Piedmont Plastics and our varied perforated plastic sheet products, you can create a window display that will be an effective advertising tool for your business.