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5 Popular Vinyl Floor Graphic Trends

The Future of Floor Graphics

Traditional advertising strategies can fall short for some businesses. As a result, marketers and business owners are always seeking new ways to communicate their brands and messages. Floor decals have proven to be an excellent option. With vinyl floor graphics, businesses can connect with customers, increase sales, and promote their message. They’re also a relatively inexpensive advertising solution with endless design possibilities.

Piedmont Plastics offers a range of adhesive vinyl and other products designed to address a variety of applications.

The Benefits of Floor Graphics

Vinyl floor graphics can promote sales or company values, direct customers to a business, and highlight new products. They can also be used as custom flooring or store design, offering unlimited branding, marketing, and interior design options.

Floor graphics can provide businesses with a number of valuable benefits:

1) Attract Customer Attention

Customers are assaulted with thousands of messages daily, so they easily overlook posters and banners. When signage is effective, it can enhance sales; approximately 70% of Americans have bought a product after seeing a sign.

Because floor graphics are unexpected, they might favorably surprise customers. Floor graphics put your message under clients’ noses and feet.

Choose vibrant colors and designs for floor graphics, and take advantage of contrast and inventive designs to make your visuals stand out. Customers are more likely to recall your message if they’re drawn to your floor graphics.

Another tip is to place floor graphics where customers least expect them, like elevators or stairways. You can also maximize customer exposure by placing floor graphics in checkout lines, lobbies, and entrances.

2) Brand Promotion

Effective branding builds client trust and loyalty. With that in mind, branded floor graphics featuring established typography, logos, and styles can help strengthen brand identity and promote company values. They can also help advertise your company’s achievements, goals, and new goods. Customers will recall these intriguing business or industry details presented in a new, unexpected store location. Customers are more likely to remember your organization when they regularly see branded graphics or messages.

3) Cost-Effective and Creative Advertising

Floor graphics are a cost-effective advertising option that are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are a creative way to advertise special events and discounts. While many vinyl floor applications are meant to be temporary, they are surprisingly durable and will stay in place for as long as you need them—even during routine floor cleaning.

While many floor graphics feature logos, words, directional images, and other simple elements, they can also be used to display full-color, high-resolution photos, thus opening up worlds of possibilities for creative advertising design.

4) Information and Promotions

Using eye-catching floor graphics, businesses can promote sales and specials and call attention to seasonal products. They can also educate buyers about product benefits and emphasize product differences, allowing customers to make more confident and educated purchases.

Floor graphics near checkout lines can stimulate last-minute purchases, increasing overall sales. Over 50% of impulse buyers have paid more than $100 during individual visits.

5) Save Space

Traditional posters and placards take up wall space and can be difficult to set up. Promotional displays and stands can impede foot movement. Floor graphics, however, optimize unused space to eliminate spatial issues. Businesses can make the most of their advertising space by placing floor graphics at entryways or checkout lines.

How Long Do Floor Graphics Last?

Due to their slip-resistant, textured surface, floor graphic decals will accumulate dirt, scratches, and scuff marks, which, depending on the amount of foot traffic, reduce the effectiveness of the graphic. Because the direct print film or laminate is a vinyl or polypropylene base film, it’s recommended that cleaning be accomplished with mild soap and water to avoid removing the ink, weakening the adhesive, or turning the laminate foggy.

But if floor graphics are designed to be stepped on, how long should they last? Generally, they should last for around six months. After that, the floor graphics may begin to show deterioration and need to be replaced.

Purchasing Vinyl for Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are simple to apply and take down and can stick to a wide range of surfaces. In addition, floor graphics can be coated with removable adhesives so they can be repositioned or removed without compromising the integrity of the design or the surface they’re applied to.

Piedmont Plastics carries slip-resistant floor graphic materials that can be used outdoors on unsealed concrete, blacktop, and sidewalks, as well as temporarily and permanently on wood, tile, sealed concrete, laminate, and carpets.

Contact the Piedmont team for more information on how vinyl floor graphics can help your business or event.