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Expert Corner: OPTIX® LD MAX 2406

Doug Reedy, Piedmont Plastics’ Sign & Graphic Market Specialist, answers frequently asked questions about Plaskolite’s OPTIX® LD MAX 2406 acrylic.

Why was the Plaskolite’s OPTIX LD MAX 2406 initially developed?

Prior to the launch of the OPTIX LD MAX 2406 acrylic, there was not a white acrylic product on the market that provided backlit signage with a superior bright white appearance, especially in applications using channel letters or perforated film. Plaskolite developed the 2406 to fill this product gap and offer customers greater flexibility when it came to their signage needs.

How does the OPTIX LD MAX 2406 compare with existing traditional sign white acrylic?

The most traditional white acrylic used for signage is typically the 7328, which appears very white during the day and is a great choice for plain white exterior channel letters. However, the 7328 can have a dull appearance when it is backlit at night, so the OPTIX LD MAX 2406 gives customers a perfect option if they’re trying to achieve a brighter display.

Because the OPTIX LD MAX 2406 acrylic diffuses light evenly, it performs very well for signs and channel letters that are completely covered with vinyl or perforated vinyl for day/night applications because it provides a very vibrant and bright appearance at night. The OPTIX LD MAX 2406 is an ideal choice for:

  • Cabinet and channel letter illumination
  • Hard to illuminate darker hues of vinyl
  • Perforated films
  • Indoor signage and displays
  • Digital prints

What light sources work best with the OPTIX LD MAX 2406?

LED lights consistently work extremely well with the OPTIX LD MAX 2406, however any light source can be used to achieve a very bright, clean white appearance when properly designed. Plaskolite’s white acrylic products are excellent at diffusing light evenly and the 2406 is no exception.

The 2406 eliminates hot spots and dramatically enhances difficult to illuminate films including darker hues of color. In addition, the OPTIX LD MAX 2406 allows for shallower lens depth to light source for greater design flexibility. You can even reduce your light source to save energy and money while maintaining a brilliant output.

What feedback, if any, have you heard from customers who have tried out the 2406 in place of traditional sign white acrylic?

To put it simply, customers love the 2406. They truly can’t believe the difference in the brightness and the impact it has on their signage. For applications where they need a backlit bright white for signage completely covered with a vinyl or perforated vinyl, they have typically eliminated their use of the 2447 white or 7328 white they have used in the past and made a full switch to the 2406.

What would you say to customers who have not tested out the 2406 yet or are hesitant to change materials?

You have to see it to believe it! I find that customers are often hesitant to try out the OPTIX LD MAX 2406 because they’ve been using the same reliable products for years or they don’t want to stock multiple white acrylic options. Once they see a side-by-side comparison it becomes a no-brainer and they can’t wait to show their customers.

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