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Expert Corner: FloorAppeal “It’s Not Just For Floors”

One of Piedmont Plastics’ Sign and Graphics Specialists answers frequently asked questions about FloorAppeal, a one-part textured media for walls countertops and floors.


What is FloorAppeal and why was it developed?

FloorAppeal is a one-step, print, cut, and install floor graphic that was designed for indoor and outdoor surfaces. It was developed to increase advertising in areas like retail environments that have a lot of dead floor space. By utilizing these spaces, businesses can now take advantage of areas that weren’t previously being used to advertise and communicate to customers waiting in lines.

How does FloorAppeal compare to alternative products?

Alternative products usually require a two-step process to set up, however FloorAppeal offers a one-step process that can save customers about 30% of time during production. This one-step process saves time because FloorAppeal is already textured, meaning a customer just has to print the media directly to the texture, then cut and install it.

Can FloorAppeal be placed on surfaces other than floors?

Absolutely! FloorAppeal can be used on many surfaces including floors, walls, and countertops. We even have customers that have used FloorAppeal HT to do outdoor building wraps.

What are the three types of FloorAppeal and what benefits do they offer?

The three most common versions of floor appeal are Low-Tac, High-Tac, and High-Tac EX. Low-Tac is basically designed for interior, smooth floors. It can also be placed on some tile and carpeting. High-Tac is good for smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces including concrete, or even plush shag carpeting. Lastly, High-Tac EX is designed for outdoor surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and bricks.

Is FloorAppeal easy to place, clean, and reposition?

Yes! The two things that make FloorAppeal easy to place, clean, and reposition is its fabric and adhesive. The fabric used in FloorAppeal is untearable and doesn’t stretch like vinyl floor graphics. In addition, the adhesive used in FloorAppeal is 90% cured and the high-tac version can even be installed for up to a year without seeing the adhesive transfer to the floor.

What feedback, if any, have you heard from customers who have used FloorAppeal?

Our customers love FloorAppeal because of how easy it is to print, cut, and install. They are even relieved to know how easy it is to remove after they are done with the graphics. Plus, FloorAppeal can be peeled off all at once, making the work and labor involved in the removal a lot easier.

What would you say to customers who have not tried FloorAppeal or who may be hesitant to make the change?

The number one reason why customers don’t make the switch to a one-step product like FloorAppeal is because they think other products offer better protection. Although alternative vinyl products do offer protection, the media that is printed on them can be easily stretched, and the messages can become hard to read. FloorAppeal wont stretch, so the messaging that is printed on the graphics will maintain its integrity and remain readable. For those looking to install floor graphics in highly trafficked areas, I would definitely recommend trying FloorAppeal.

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