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Buy White Plastic Sheeting From Piedmont Plastics

Plastic comes in a wide range of colors and textures, but sometimes white is the color you need to best fit your project’s specifications. If you are in the market to buy white plastic sheeting, Piedmont Plastics has the products you need. With a wide range of products to fit numerous applications, Piedmont Plastics will supply you with the white plastic sheeting you need to create the products your customers and clients require. Our in-depth knowledge of our plastics combined with our dedication to superior customer service ensures that you get exactly what you need, and our value-added services, such as cut-to-order service, will help you save time and effort. Here is a closer look at some of the plastic sheet products we offer that can help you complete your next project.

Printable White Plastic Sheeting

If you are creating banners or signs, you need the right material that will be durable while also retaining the ink from your printing process. We stock white plastic fabric and vinyl sheets that can feed into a printer for you to create custom signage. With an extensive range of textures and sizes, Piedmont Plastics is certain to have something that will fit your needs well.

Durable High Density Polyethylene Sheet

High density polyethylene sheet, or HDPE, is a thermoplastic product that has low moisture absorption and high impact resistance. This versatile product is used for everything from food processing to kick plates and even furniture. If you’re looking for white plastic sheeting that is durable, bacteria resistant and easy to sanitize, let our team help you find the HDPE product that will fit your needs well.

Versatile Specialty Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic’s versatility makes it popular among those who need specially shaped plastics, and acrylic sheet is one of our more popular plastic products. It is strong and UV resistant, while also being lightweight. Acrylic sheet comes in a range of colors, including white, and can be used in applications like menu boards and outdoor signs where exposure to the elements is a problem. With our customization options, your acrylic sheet can be cut to your exact specifications and needs.

No matter what type of white plastic sheeting you are looking for, you can trust the team at Piedmont Plastics to help you find the products that will fit. We have over 40 locations across the country, so find your nearest one and talk to our sales professionals to find the products that are the perfect fit for your project.