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Summer's Almost Here! Is Your Dock Ready?

If you live near the water or own a boat, then summer means quite a bit of time by or on the water. In order to enjoy your waterfront to the fullest, you need a boat dock that will keep things running well. Whether for recreation or for commercial use, that boat dock is going to take a beating, but plastics from Piedmont Plastics can help keep it in good repair.

Durability and Weather Resistance – Improve Boat Docks with Plastics

Because they are in constant contact with the water, docks need to be made from highly durable material. Plastic materials are known for their durability. Also, because boats frequently dock alongside the dock, the materials need to be impact resistant, which is another benefit of plastic. Finally, docks are constancy exposed to the weather and the water. As a result, they need to be weather and moisture resistant to ensure reliable function, and that is another factor plastics deliver.

Create a Rot-Proof Surface for Water-Based Applications

Boat owners are making a switch from wood-based docks to plastic docks because of the fact that plastic creates a rot-proof surface for water-based activities. UHMW sheet, in particular, is an excellent choice because it is durable and will last for decades without wear and tear, unlike wood. It's also wear resistant.

Low Coefficient of Friction for Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are another place where plastics are being put to good use. Specifically, the durable UHMW sheet makes a great choice for this application. Adding dock bumpers made from UHMW, which has a very low coefficient of friction, means that your boat can easily slide into the dock without undue damage to the boat. Because UHMW is impact resistant, the process of docking a boat will not damage the dock either.

Anti-Skid Plastics Improve Traction

While dock bumpers need to have low friction, the surface of a dock needs to have high traction. Anti-skid HDPE is the plastic sheet of choice for this application, giving you excellent traction while you climb in and out of your boat. Here is yet another application where plastics make your dock more usable and accessible.

Is your dock ready for summer? If it needs a bit more plastic, consider talking to the knowledgeable staff at Piedmont. We will help you find the right materials for your specific application, so you can enjoy knowing that your dock is ready to serve you well throughout this summer and many more to come!