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Best Applications For Kydex Sheet

Kydex Thermoplastic Sheet is a durable plastic product that comes in a range of patterns, thicknesses, colors, and textures. Because of its durability and easy-to-clean nature, as well as its resistance to staining and lightweight density, Kydex sheeting is the perfect plastic product for a range of applications. Here are some of the top applications for Kydex sheet.

Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Kydex sheet is easily moldable and lightweight, making it the ideal choice in industries where aerodynamics are critical, like car manufacturing and aerospace engineering. Because of the moldable nature of this product, it is often found in everything from overhead storage bins to car consoles and dashboards. It also works well for trim and interior panels because of its lightweight nature and durability combined.

Decorative Wall Coverings

High-traffic areas of homes and businesses have walls that take a beating. Kydex sheet can be used as wall coverings in these areas to make an even more attractive, yet durable environment. By covering Kydex sheet with a paper or vinyl decorative cover, builders can add decorative elements without the frustrations of vinyl wall graphics and wallpaper, and with the added durability and fade-resistance of plastic.

Prosthetic Device Creation

Lightweight and flexible Kydex sheet can be used to create prosthetic and orthotics devices. It's typically used to reinforce the prosthetic, placed over a softer plastic foam to help establish a good fit and improve comfort and durability for the wearer. Because Kydex comes in a range of colors, it is a good fit for this application for aesthetics as well as function and comfort.

Medical Equipment and Furniture

Carts, equipment, and furniture for medical applications needs to be easily sanitized in order to ensure that the facility stays sanitary and safe for patients. Kydex can easily be cleaned with harsh chemicals without staining or fading, making it a wise choice for medical applications. It's also quite durable, so it can withstand the rigorous use of a busy medical practice or hospital setting.


Moldable to virtually any shape and available in a wide range of colors, Kydex sheet is often used for gun and knife holsters. Kydex requires little to no maintenance compared to leather and nylon holsters. It is lightweight and thin providing increased comfort. Kydex provides the most retention, keeping your firearm secure at all times.

At Piedmont Plastics, manufacturers in all of these industries will find the products they need easily accessible, including Kydex sheet. Contact a local Piedmont Plastics representative to learn more about Kydex sheet and its many applications.