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Why The Automotive Industry Is Investing Heavily In Plastics In The New Year

Every year, automakers come up with new innovations to offer consumers. In 2018, trends are pointing to a heavier reliance on plastics, and for good reason. As plastic formulations and technology continue to develop, its applications in the automotive industry also tend to develop and expand. Here are some ways in which the automotive industry will rely more heavily on plastic in the coming year.

Plastic Interior Automotive Features

The interior of the modern vehicle is one place where plastics are reigning. Trim, interior panels and even the dashboard of the modern vehicle is more likely to be made from plastic than any other material. With plastic, manufacturers can reduce the weight of the vehicle, thus improving its aerodynamics, while also reducing noise, improving comfort and improving the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.

One of the reasons plastics are so well suited for this is the fact that plastic sheeting can easily be molded into just about any shape. This makes it ideal for interior pieces where curves make a more appealing look. Also, it's more affordable and lighter weight than metal. Modern plastic materials also reduce fading from harmful UV rays, protecting the look of the vehicle's interior longer.

Plastics for Automotive Parts

The interior of the vehicle may be the most visible place where plastics are making changes, but automotive manufacturers are increasingly turning to plastics for car parts as well. The corrosion resistance of modern plastics makes them an ideal raw material for a number of car parts. Again, this helps reduce the weight of the vehicle and reduces the risk of rusting or other corrosion that may occur with metal parts. Plastic is more weather resistant than metal components as well. Look inside the hood of a vehicle manufactured in 2018, chances are high you'll see many parts that are made from plastic materials.

Stronger, lighter weight and more corrosion resistant - it's no wonder that plastic is becoming the critical component of the modern vehicle. For those who are looking for new plastic products to incorporate into their vehicle designs, Piedmont Plastics is ready to help with an extensive inventory of plastic products ideal for the automotive industry.