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Window Well Covers

Window Well Covers

Window well covers provide much needed protection for basement windows, especially in harsh environments where snow, hail, or heavy rainfall are common. Window well covers are also an excellent safety feature to prevent someone, child or adult, from falling down the well and risking injury. These covers can be affixed to any type of window well, including aluminum, concrete, brick, fiberglass or plastic window wells, and are used in conjunction with a high performance bracketing system for optimum performance.

Impact resistant, lightweight, and transparent, polycarbonate is the ideal material for window well covers, combining strength and function for maximum durability. Polycarbonate also contains UV blocking and heat-resistant properties, ideal for warm climates. Available in both matte and clear sheet, polycarbonate window well cover material will last for years without discoloration or fading.

Piedmont Plastics stocks local inventory of polycarbonate material for window well covers, and our knowledgeable salespeople have years of experience in this area as well as access to the newest and most functional products in the market. Our cut-to-size capabilities also allow us to ensure the best yield for each of your important projects.

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