Shower Pans

Shower Pans

Bathrooms from new construction to remodels rely on quality plastics in a variety of applications. Shower pans or bases—which make up a shower’s floor—are used in both homes and large-scale projects such as hotels.

Shower pans provide support under shower stalls and direct water down the drain. They are most often made of a rigid plastic sheet with a fiberglass overlay. Pre-fabricated pans can be constructed of sturdy, waterproof FPVC (Foam Polyvinyl Chloride). FPVC’s flexibility allows the material to be grooved and formed into a variety of shapes using a single piece. Pans made of FPVC are both light and durable.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a variety of FPVC in different sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Expert Piedmont sales representatives can arrange cut-to-size services in over 40 North American locations. We are ready to offer assistance on any project.

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