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Pedestrian Bridge Enclosures

Polycarbonate sheet from Piedmont Plastics offers weather protection for pedestrian bridge construction. Polycarbonate glazing makes these attractive and modern with transparent panels.


As many cities around the country continue to expand bus, train, and light rail lines, municipalities, local governments, and transit authorities are constructing bridges to safely lead pedestrians from the parking area to the transit entry area, often crossing a major road or highway.

When enclosed with polycarbonate glazing, these bridges protect those inside from weather and debris while also giving protection to those on the road. The versatility of polycarbonate also allows for design flexibility and creative lighting, giving bridges a sleek, modern look.

Piedmont Plastics supplies polycarbonate sheet that gives optimal weather protection and design customization for pedestrian bridge enclosures. Piedmont also has extensive experience working with local authorities to ensure our materials meet any required specifications and can cut to size locally to meet even the most demanding of construction deadlines.