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Piedmont Plastics carries a large selection of non molding HDPE and polypropylene for school lockers, gym lockers, and healthcare facility lockers.


Lockers serve a crucial purpose in schools, athletic centers, healthcare facilities, and a number of other organizations by allowing for the secure storage of personal belongings. Lockers are typically put under constant use and traditional metal lockers tend to show wear and tear very quickly.

Solid plastic lockers made from HDPE (high density polyethylene) are now the standard in locker manufacturing. Impermeable to moisture, mold, mildew, rust, and odors, HDPE lockers will last for years without showing age and are compliant with current fire codes. Color is applied through the HDPE rather than on the surface, making dents and scratches much less visible than on a traditional locker. Where cross-contamination is a concern, such as in locker rooms or healthcare facilities, HDPE is bacteria-resistant and can be power washed or steam cleaned. Lockers can also be made from polypropylene materials. Locker designs can range in size, color, configuration, venting, and more.

Piedmont Plastics offers a large selection and inventory of HDPE and polypropylene for locker applications, and our expert salespeople can guide you toward the right products for any project, large or small.