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Duct Bank Spacers

Duct bank spacers and bore spacers enable providers of telecommunications and power utilities to efficiently and effortlessly lay underground lines within trenches, ensuring correct spacing below roads, railway tracks, or any other infrastructure.


Duct spacers, also known as conduit spacers, are specifically designed to help support and maintain ducts and conduits during underground installation. This versatile and sturdy solution will not shift under the weight of construction crews and during fill. Available is a variety of sizes, our duct spacers can accommodate almost any size duct while also maintaining necessary separation.

Benefits of Duct Spacers:

Piedmont Plastics’ high-impact duct spacers provide countless benefits and are the go-to choice for contractors. These spacers provide independent support and separation for each duct, and their flexible design allows contractors to use less trench space and grout. In addition, the benefits of using plastic duct spacers include:

  • The ability to maintain conduit spacing during installation

  • Soft surfaces minimize damage to conduit

  • Lightweight material allows for easy installation and handling

  • High-density plastics do not corrode or rot

  • Available in custom sizes, colors, and hole patterns

Material Selection:

Using high-density sheets of plastic to produce duct spacers allows our material solution to withstand the elements of extreme environments. This means that our duct spacers will be unaffected by high fluctuations in temperature, are practically unbreakable, and are easily fabricated to meet the exact specifications of our customers. Furthermore, engineered plastics have proven to provide a much lower cost compared to traditionally used materials.

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