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Decorative Shutters

We stock plastic material for decorative shutters that is light, closed-cell, free foam, and rigid sheet. These materials will not crack or deteriorate.


Decorative shutters provide external curb appeal and serve a number of other important functions that complement the exterior of a home or building. Paneled shutters afford privacy, insulation, sun protection, and security. Louvered shutters also provide a measure of privacy and security, while offering the additional luxury of allowing breezes to enter the home.

Plastic replacement wood products are often used for trim and other exterior building applications like shutters. Plastic solutions give the look of wood using a wood textured finish or a smooth surface, yet cost less to manufacture than traditional wood shutters. Although both textured and smooth surfaces are easily paintable, plastic solutions are often available in natural black or white colors that do not require painting at all. Unlike wood shutters, plastic shutters are low-maintenance, long-lasting alternatives that will not rot.

Plastic selected for shutter applications is light, closed-cell, free foam and rigid sheet. These sheets resist cracking, deteriorating and peeling. Solutions are available in various thicknesses and sheet sizes and in matte or wood grain finish. Our experienced Piedmont sales representatives are happy to help you with wood replacement plastic solutions for any shutter application.