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Automotive Covers, Shrouds, and Housings

Piedmont Plastics carries ABS and other lightweight but durable plastics for automotive covers, shrouds, and housings.


The use of plastics in the automotive, mass transportation, and specialty vehicles industries has advanced over the last few decades due to the strategic advantages that plastic materials deliver. Plastic is tough, light, and in many cases, flame retardant. Plastic also performs well in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

In mass-produced vehicles, many of the plastic parts are injection molded from resin. In specialty vehicles like ambulances, firetrucks, food service trucks, limousines, buses, race cars, and recreational vehicles, many important parts are formed into shapes using plastic sheet as a base material.

Automotive covers, shrouds, and housings are most commonly found under the seat or hood and in the dashboard of vehicles where they help to protect key components. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is one of the most common materials used to manufacture automotive covers, shrouds, and housings, accounting for a large percentage of plastics found in cars and specialty vehicles.

Piedmont Plastics works with the major manufacturers of production and specialty vehicles, providing ABS and other plastic materials that help continually improve the performance of their products. If you’re looking for solutions for your automotive covers, shrouds, and housings, contact your nearest Piedmont branch and we’ll be happy to assist you.