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Vycom manufactures market-leading brands of highly engineered olefin and PVC sheet products designed to replace wood, metal, and other traditional materials in a variety of applications. Vycom has achieved success in creating brand value in its materials through continual innovation, superior product quality and performance, and thought leadership in marketing. From sheet extrusion to compression, Vycom has created a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process that permits flexibility and expansion options to meet growing customer demands. Offering extensive made-to-stock inventories and custom run-to-size orders, Vycom strives to be recognized as the essential partner in creating and implementing solutions for olefin and PVC polymers that optimize quality and performance.

Our family of specialty products includes Celtec® graphics and display materials, Flametec® fire safe materials, Seaboard® marine board, Corrtec® chemical- and corrosion-resistant plastic, Playboard® playground and recreational HDPE sheet, Sanatec® family of food processing materials, and Designboard® colored and textured weather-resistant materials.

Vycom products can be purchased through any Piedmont Plastics location, providing for a national and international footprint. Customers regularly benefit from Piedmont Plastics’ dedication to core values, exceptional product knowledge and strong leadership position within the industry. Piedmont Plastics and Vycom work together on multiple levels to provide the perfect combination of product knowledge, time to market and customer support.

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