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SKC America

SKC is a global producer of polyester film for a variety of printing and laminating applications.  With the largest PET production facility in the United States, SKC also has contingent and integrated supply from Suwon, South Korea, ensuring uninterrupted supply. SKC is an ISO 14001:2004 certified company with 17 years of domestic supply.  Beyond being a world leader in polyester film, SKC is supported by a $160 billion global Fortune 500 Company that manufactures a range of products, allowing SKC to support growing and future needs.

SKC’s Skyrol® polyester film is used in a variety of applications and in a range of treatments, clarities, and thicknesses. SKC uses its resources to develop new film while providing reliable film to customers who have counted on SKC for decades. SKC also manufactures quality chemicals, photovoltaic materials, lighting and medical products.

Piedmont Plastics is known for a customer-focused approach and a broad product range that brings quality and value to the market. SKC values its mutually beneficial relationship with Piedmont Plastics and looks forward to continued growth.

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