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Plastiglas CHEMCAST® Glow Acrylic Sheet

INTRODUCTION Stonia is a trade mark of hybrid acrylics manufactured in Mexico by Plastiglas. Due to its attributes it allows designers architects and interior decorators freedom to create comfortable environments to live and to enjoy offering sensations of space light and warmness due to the effects it produces upon conjugating it with natural and artificial light. Stonia is an acrylic surface with veins that simulates natural onyx stone non porous material with high hardness and easy to maintain. It is highly hygienic because it does not allow fungus formation. Its easy maintenance allows the material to be one of the cleanest and brightest surfaces. Stonia is available in a range of colors and designs that motivate your imagination to create and innovate life styles luxury and exclusivity. 1 APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCT RANGE -Stonia is recommended for indoor applications only. -Decorative luminaries walls ceilings hanging lamps. -Internal partitions. -Table covers in bars and restaurants. -Indoor and outdoor facades. -Table gardens and POP stands. -Decorative articles.