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Piedmont Plastics® PolyCor® HL Installation Checklist

INSTALLATION CHECKLIST PLASTICS EXPAND CONTRACT Remember that all plastics expand and contract. Poly-Cor HL can expand up to .250 per 98.5 of length. FLOAT SHEET Allow the sheet to float on the roof rafters. REDUCE SCREWS If screws are used to temporarily hold down the Poly-Cor drastically reduce the number and install only on one side. Ideally one screw for each corner of each sheet. VHB Tape used sparingly can be substituted for screws. ELIMINATE ADHESIVE Eliminate all adhesive. It is not needed and prevents the sheet from moving when temperatures rise. TRIM SHEET Trim the sheet .125 off the wall on both sides. CONTACT US 800.277.7898 Toll Free 704.597.8200 5010 W. W.T. Harris Blvd Charlotte NC 28269