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Mactac® B-Free® GRUV® GV429R

JT5798MBF Version 16 0217 Approved by J. S. Product IMAGin JT5798MBF Product Description JT5798M BF is a 3.1-mil translucent matte dusted polymeric PVC film designed for solvent-based ink jet printing. The product is coated on one side with a micro-structured repositionable permanent clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and is supplied with 80 Polycoated layflat liner. The microstructured adhesive allows for the increased speed of dry application on windows with no air bubbles or wrinkling. It also eliminates the messy clean-up of wet-application fluids. JT5798M BF is designed for indoor and outdoor window graphics and internally illuminated signs light boxes. This product is not intended for non-printed window shading or wet applications. Non-printed B-Free window films may leave squeegee lines in the finished application. If your intent is for unprinted privacy screening applications use either IMAGin JT5728P or MACmark Glass Dcor 700 series translucent films. Physical Properties Property Peel Adhesion N25mm 180 on stainless steel - 24 hr. Quick Tack N25mm Stainless Steel Typical Values FTM - 1 3.1 - 3.7 12 - 18 FTM - 9 4.4 - 5.6 20 - 26 Dimensional Stability 48 hours 158F max 0.2 Temperature Ranges Minimum Application End Use 50F 10C -40F to 194F -40C to 90C Light Transmission Transmission 88 Surface Burning Characteristics Meets ANSI NFPA and IFC as class A Flame Spread Test Method FTM - 14 10 x 10 Sample Bonded to aluminum EN410 Varian Carry 5000