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Norplex Micarta NP 300 Series

High Performance Thermoset Composites Phenolic Resin -- Cotton Fabric Substrates Norplex-Micarta NP300 Series The NP300 series of thermoset composites are made with various weights of cotton fabric and several different phenolic resin systems. These combinations yield cost effective products with excellent machining qualities and outstanding performance in a wide range of applications. NP300 Series The NP300 series of phenolic-cotton composites are strong economical and resistant to heat and chemicals.They have excellent machining qualities and provide outstanding performance in a wide range of applications. The NP300 series includes a range of products that are optimized for different tasks. In some cases special additives enhance key performance properties NP313 NP313HT NP315 NP319 NP322 and NP325 contain solid lubricants to reduce friction NP310E and NP320E contain proprietary additives that provide superior electrical insulation and moisture resistance NP310HT is engineered to reduce shrinkage and enhance performance in higher temperature environments and to improve chemical resistance. Phenolic resins are fundamentally strong and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. They are formulated to thoroughly penetrate the reinforcing fabric which can vary from fine linen grade to a tough heavy-weight canvas depending on the application requirements. The final laminated thermoset composites are easier to machine than metal. They do not spark when struck a key property that enables them to be used in explosion-proof environments. Cotton fabric composites are less abrasive than fiberglass-reinforced materials resulting in longer tool life. In addition parts made of phenolic-cotton composites deliver a high MTBF mean-timebeforefailure quieter operation in lubricated or non-lubricated applications and long life in wear-prone applications. Phenolic-cotton fabric composites are ideal for fabricating a variety of rigid parts including gears pulleys rollers and guides

that must operate in high-friction mechanical assemblies such as bearings clutches and gear trains. Phenolic resin retains its chemical structure and its rigidity even at high temperatures. Therefore the NP300 series provides excellent performance even in high-temperature refractory and foundry environments and when exposed to acids cleaning solutions and lubricants in the food processing industry. NP310 NP310E Acost-effectiveblendofamedium-weight cottoncanvasfabricandageneral-purpose phenolic resin system this laminate is ideal for machining into general-purpose gears pulleys rollers and guides. The canvas reinforcement is less abrasive and causes less wear on components it contacts than do fiberglass-reinforced alternatives. A typical use is for engine timing gears bushings and bearings. This product combinesadomesticcotton canvas fabric and a proprietary phenolic formulationtoprovideexcellentelectrical insulatingpropertiesandsuperiormoisture resistance. NP310E is ideal for machining gears pulleys rollers and guides and control boards that must be electrically insulated. NP318 NP313 A friction-fighting composite it is enhanced with a premium solid lubricant to reduce wear. This material is ideal for fabricating parts such as gears pulleys rollers and guides that are subjected to friction and wear and are required to operate cleanly. It is non-conductive at low voltages and suitable for applications requiring electrical insulating properties. This product is engineered specifically for post-forming applications by the customer. It consists of a cotton fabric and a modified phenolic resin system that permits the material to be fully cured but still has the capability of being post-formed into a curved shape. The material is heated formed and then held in a system to maintain the shape until it is cooled at room temperature. NP320E NP310AG Made with the same fine-weave cotton fabric as NP320 it contains a proprietary electrically insulating phenolic resin to manufac

ture non-conductive machined parts. In addition NP320E exhibits improved moisture resistance properties over NP320. The NP310AG is a woven cotton fabric andaspeciallyengineeredphenolicresin system designed to meet the non-afterglowrequirementsofNEMACforaircraft partsnored-hotglowingmaterialremains after exposure to fire but is not a postforming material. NP310AGmeetsUL94 V-0 in thicknesses of .250 and above. Industry Standards Norplex-Micarta Grade ANSIASTM NEMA LI-1-1998 Miltary MIL-I-24768...Type IEC 60893 Part - 3 - Sheet- Type NP310 C 16-FBM - 4 - PF CC 201 NP310E CE 14-FBG - 4 - PF CC 203 NP313 --- --- --- NP318 CF --- - 4 - PF CC 203 NP320E LE 13 - FBE - 4 - PF CC 305 NP310AG C --- ---