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Nekoosa Barrier Films

OPAQUE POLYPROPYLENE Applied to Sign-Ad Clear or Hi-Stat the complete opacity of this barrier film allows the printing of two-way decals for interior and exterior viewing. Applications Push-Pull Graphics Window Decals Posters Mouse Pads Barrier Film Decals Bright White 100 opaque two-sided window graphics Permanent adhesive Laminate to a clear static cling or clear pressure sensitive film Eliminates the need to print many layers of ink on one film Print Compatibility UV Wide Format This logo represents Nekoosas commitment to offering sustainable alternatives to traditional PVC materials. 100 of this product line is PVC-Free. 800.826.4886 NEKOOSA.COM 07.20.23 M1578 OPAQUE POLYPROPYLENE STOCKED PRODUCTS Color SKU Size Film Thickness Adhesive Liner WgtMSI RollsCarton Gloss White PMBF5450N 54 x 50 yds 2.3 mil White Permanent Acrylic 53 .30 1 Size Film Thickness Adhesive Liner WgtMSI RollsCarton 54 2.3 mil White Permanent Acrylic 53 .30I 1 Wide Format CUSTOM SIZE OFFERING Color SKU Top-Coated Conventional UV Offset Screen Gloss White CP200WBF NEKOOSA BUCKS available in select rolls listed above. All products have a 4 mil flexible vinyl face stock and 0split 90 poly coated liner. PVC-Free 800.826.4886 NEKOOSA.COM 07.20.23 OPAQUE POLYPROPYLENE TECHNICAL DATA Physical Properties Adhesive 40 2ozin P84 white acrylic pressure activated permanent Film Polypropylene Film with a metalized layer of opacity Color White Gloss Level High gloss top coated Opacity Excellent Liner 40 Poly Coated Paper Film Thickness 2.3 mil Overall Thickness 2.3 mil 9.5 0.5 mil Conditions for Use Shelf Life 1 year Min. Application Temp. 40 F 4.4 C Service Temp. Range -20 F to 275 F -28.9 C to 135 C Outdoor Durability 1 year Water Resistance Good Solvent Resistance Good When stored under conditions of 70F and 50 relative humidity. Test piece aged 24 hrs. applied to stainless steel is not affected when immersed in 70F water for seven days . For most petroleum

based solvents. Edge sealing is recommended in high solvent exposure areas. Caution This product removes cleanly from most shelf channels. However application environments and certain surfaces such as vinyl glass acrylic polystyrene and polycarbonate may cause increased adhesion and adhesive transfer. We recommend that all surfaces be tested for compatibility and removability. The information provided herein is correct to the best of Nekoosas knowledge. No liability for any errors facts or opinions are accepted. Customers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of this product for their application. No responsibility for any loss as a result of any person placing reliance on any material contained herein will be accepted. 800.826.4886 NEKOOSA.COM 07.20.23