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LuciteLux­® Vario

lucite lux vario VARIABLE GEOMETRY IN ACTION LuciteLux takes us on an unforgettable journey to explore new horizons where the magic of the Tropics is embodied by Lucitelux Vario. A sense of movement and energy emanates from these 6 new transparent colors with the striking fluorescent edge producing an even more eye-catching result. The variations of light and shade are almost endless and the surface color changes as the angle of vision shifts. The contrast provided by the edge effect gives an even greater depth to the material depending on the size and thickness of the sheet used. FEATURES BENEFITS 6 transparent colors Striking fluorescent edge Variations of light and shade from different angles Designed for interior design applications Easy to shape and form Boasts the excellent properties of LuciteLux acrylic sheet APPLICATIONS POP Display units Interior signs and signage Interior fittings and furnishings And so much more. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY See your local sales representative.