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LuciteLux­® Utran®

lucite lux utran Utran acrylic sheet is designed specifically for transmission of ultraviolet A light UV-A and ultraviolet B light UV-B. Ultraviolet light is the range of radiation wavelengths from about 4 nanometers NM near the x-ray region to about 400 nm just beyond violet in the visible spectrum. UV-A light 320-400 nm and UV-B light 280320 nm are used in many applications from medical treatment to sun tanning. Utran acrylic sheet is transparent to UV light and provides the superior quality and clarity needed in these applications. FEATURES BENEFITS 92 UV Transmission Withstands heavy-duty continuous use More impact resistant than glass Allows for easy fabrication and fitting Broad scope for thermoforming into complex curved shapes Smooth glossy surface that is comfortable and warm to the touch Easy to clean APPLICATIONS Indoor Sun tanning Equipment Animal Habitats Greenhouses and Solaria Medical Treatment Devices Photodegradable Waste Enclosures Full Spectrum Lighting PRODUCT AVAILABILITY See your local sales representative.