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LuciteLux­® Museum Grade

UV MAX PROTECTION Museum Grade UV Max is a specialty acrylic sheet made to offer the maximum protection possible from harmful UV light. This sheet filters out 98 of damaging UV light which causes fading and decomposition of photos artwork and exhibits. Visible light ranges between the wavelengths of 400 to 700nm while UV light is in the 200-400nm wave length. For maximum protection you need to block any light between the wavelengths of 200-400nm but let light through between 400 and 700 for the material to be transparent. FEATURES BENEFITS Excellent optical quality and clarity Meets demanding museum standards More impact resistant than glass Allows for easy fabrication and fitting Easy to clean Uniform caliper control Lightweight Superior craze resistance APPLICATIONS Museum artifacts Artwork Photos MUSEUM GRADE ACRYLIC SHEET THICKNESSES SIZES Sheet Production Process Continuous cast acrylic sheet Sheet Thickensses .098 .118 .177 .236 Sheet Sizes 48 x 96 51 x 100 72 x 96 108 x 126 MASKING White TufGuard wblack printing top and bottom