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LuciteLux­® Fluorescent

lucite ILD fluorescent GIVES POP DISPLAYS AN ELECTRIFYING EDGE The Fluorescent edge effect is one of THE most popular choices of designers and fabricators who want their ideas to catch the eye. Lucitelux Fluorescent combines a delicate transparent tinted sheet with a striking fluorescent edge which adds a contemporary touch to point of sale designs and displays. FEATURES BENEFITS Subtle transparent tints Striking fluorescent edge Exciting contemporary colors Superb cutting and fabrication Excellent aesthetics Ideal for in store displays POP furnishings and shelving In retail display every inch of floor space is precious and POP displays need something extra to attract attention. LuciteLux Fluorescent offers designers a range of exciting colors with a vivid fluorescent edge effect that will make any design stand out from the crowd. Designers are inspired by the vibrant colors Mars - a bright intense red Helios - a fresh sunny yellow Lava - a warm glowing orange Neptune - a deep vivid blue Acid - a strong sharp green and Celestial - a clear crystalline blue. APPLICATIONS POP Display units Interior signs and signage Interior fittings and furnishings And so much more. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Contact your local sales representative.