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LMT Onsrud Production Cutting Tools

Continuous Cast Technical Bulletin Test Method General Typical Value a Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.19 Tensile Strength Elongation break Modulus of elasticity Elongation yield Flexural Strength Flexural modulus tangent Impact Strength Compressive strength x-y plane Compressive stress yield Compressive modulus Charpy un-notched Charpy notched Shear Strength punch tool Izod procedure A ASTM D638 11000 psi 7.6 465000 psi 6.0 14700 psi 461000 psi ASTM D256 ASTM D6110 ASTM D732 ASTM D256 83300 psi 18000 psi 279000 psi 5.0 ft lbinin 20.8 Jm 11200 psi 0.32 ft-lb. in. Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785 M-100 Residual Shrinkage b Internal Strength ASTM D702 2.5 maximum Refractive Index ASTM D542 1.49 Light Transmission Total ASTM D1003 92 Haze ASTM D1003 Less than 1 Mechanical Optical ASTM D790 ASTM D695 Yellowness index YI UV Spectral Transmission Thermal Surface Abrasion Resistance c Taber CS-10 Maximum Continuous Service Temperature Less than 0.3 ASTM D4802 Beckman ASTM D1044 ASTM D648 Hot Forming Temperature Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D-C Resistance Volume Resistivity Surface Resistivity Dielectric Strength 2000vsec 200F 280-340F 138-170C ASTM D696 Specific Heat Electrical 500 cycles 1 1000 cycles 2 175F d 1.45 Btu in.ft2 hr. F Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity Deflection Temperature under load 264 psi 5 max 3.5 E-05 ininF 0.35 Btu lb F ASTM D257 ASTM D149 3.912E15 cm 5.237E15 sq 354 Vmil Combustibility Dielectric Constant k 60 Hz 1 KHz 1MHz Dissipation Factor D 60Hz 1KHz 1MHz Arc Resistance Smoke Density Rating Tunnel Test smoke developed 0.118 0.236 Rate of Flame Spread 0.118 0.236 ASTM D150 ASTM D495 ASTM D2843 ASTM E84 3.3 3.0 2.7 0.06 0.04 0.02 No tracking 13.5 385 530 ASTM E84 140 110 Fuel contribution factor Ignition temperature ASTM D1929 Radiant Panel Flame spread index 0.118 0.236 Horizontal Burn 0.118 0.236 UL Horizontal Burn Rating ASTM E162 11300 Btulb 750F 399C 219 249 ASTM D635 UL94 1.18 in.min. 0.65 in.min 9

4 HB f1 f2 Miscellaneous Water Absorption Compliances 24 hrs 23C 2 hrs boiling water immersion Soluble Matter Lost post immersion ASTM D570 ASTM D570 0.2 0.6 nil Odour - nil Taste - na Dimensional tolerances inches Length width Squareness in length of diagonal Food Contact FDA 21CFR 177.1010 Environmental TSCA REACH DSL EINECS see MSDS for complete list - 14 0 14 clear all thickness listed included Notes a Values provided should not be used for specification purposes. Some values will vary with sheet thickness. b Measured at room temperature before and after heating above 300 F. c Numerical values indicate light transmission loss after indicated cycles. d It is recommended that temperatures not exceed 180F for continuous service All test performed on 0.236 thick acrylic unless otherwise noted Data is Optical value representative of LuciteLux clear only. For information on color contact Technical Service at 1-800-4-LUCITE The information and recommendations in this document are to the best of our knowledge reliable. Users should perform their own tests to determine the suitability of these products for their own particular purposes. Statements made herein should therefore not be construed as representations or warranties. The responsibilities of Lucite International Inc. for claims arising out of breach of warranty negligence strict liability or otherwise is limited to the purchase price of the material. Statements made herein concerning the use of the products or formulations described herein are not to be construed as granting a license to operate under any patent of Lucite International Inc. or another or as recommending the infringement of any patent of Lucite International Inc. or another and no liability for infringement arising out of any such use is assumed. Rev. 72013